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Jazaa Journey

Jazaa Global is built on international standards and carries numerous products under its flagship brand "Jazaa", which was launched in March 2016 under the visionary leadership of Late Junaid Jamshed, Jazaa Global aims to become a leading company both locally and internationally. This is achieved by offering a wide variety of ethnic products that cater to the needs of its consumers both in Pakistan and worldwide. Jazaa Global takes pride in being available in 55+ countries around the world and 100+ cities within Pakistan with a diverse range of quality 200+ SKUs. Being available locally and internationally, our major focus is providing persistent quality throughout.

Our Vision & Purpose

Jazaa Global is entrenched with the single aim of benefiting the consumers, providing them with products that become a blessing, true to the meaning of Jazaa.

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Our Mission

To become a global company with a single aim of benefiting the consumers. Jazaa Global boasts an international standard state of the art production facility. Along with a core team of professional individuals to help make each product meet the needs of the consumer. Established with the aim to be known locally and internationally as a leading food company with products that cater to each different needs of our consumers.

Our History

Jazaa was launched on 25th March 2016 with its premium range of products at a grand launch ceremony held at the Marriott Hotel, Karachi, Pakistan. The Founder of the Company, Late Junaid Jamshed introduced the entire range of Jazaa Products to the audience present and established the true meaning of the brand along with the vision of the company.

special dish
special dish

Research & Development

Jazaa Global has a team of experts and culinary food/nonfood scientists in charge of R&D. These committed professionals work tirelessly to deliver extraordinary flavors and innovative food/nonfood products. This reflects in our diverse range of premium-quality products while maintaining multiple successful product ranges that have left a mark within the industry across the globe.

Our modern R&D lab is equipped with high-end, state-of-the-art equipment to accelerate and aid innovation. This also includes sensory facilities for objective evaluation of the different characteristics of our finished products. With its extensive resources, Jazaa’s R&D continuously explores new ideas and strives to develop trending prototype food/nonfood products.

International Certifications

Jazaa put itself on the map for customers and has earned the brand numerous certifications over the years. However, with every milestone reached, the people at Jazaa remind themselves of how they must sustain this reputation and only improve in the future.

HACCP Certificate

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